Dyslexic Learners in the EFL Classroom: Part 2

Students with SpLDs need clear goals and a lot of support if they are to succeed at language learning. There are a number of things that teachers can do in the language class to help these learners, and in fact, all learners will benefit.

First of all, instructions need to be very clear, and so does feedback. It’s not necessary to point out all the errors made, but always find something to praise before you point out what needs to be worked on.

Break large tasks into smaller sections, so that they are not overwhelming. Provide opportunities to recap and review material, as well as to make connections between new and familiar material. Teach language points explicitly, don’t expect learners to work out the rules for themselves. Most importantly, always present new material in multisensory ways, providing auditory, visual and tactile practice, to suit all learners in the class.