Books on Dyslexia and Learning Other Languages

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Classroom-based interventions for achieving ‘dyslexia-friendly’ classrooms in EFL education. The original aims and the actual study.




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In the Mind’s Eye: Visual Thinkers TG West (revised 1997) Prometheus Books.

Dyslexia – The Pattern of Difficulties TR Miles (2nd edn. 1993) Whurr Publishers

Maths for the Dyslexic: A Practical Guide A Henderson (1998) Fulton Publishers

Maths for Dyslexics S Chinn and R Ashcroft (1998) Whurr Publishers

Dyslexia and Vision BJW Evans, (2001) Whurr Publishers

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Dyslexia and Stress Miles & Varma, (2nd edition 2002) Whurr Publishers

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Opening the Door: Early Recognition (1996)  British Dyslexia Association.

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Dyslexia and the Bilingual Learner, H Sunderland et al (1997) Avanti Books

A Resource Pack for Tutors of Students with SpLDs M Walker (2000)

(Available from author at 14 Weston Close, Dorridge, Solihull B93 8BL)

Ann Arbor Guide to Special Educational Needs (2005) Ann Arbor Publishers ltd

E-guidelines 9: Supporting adult learners with dyslexia: Harnessing the power of technology  S McKeown (2006)



Making the Curriculum Work for Dyslexic Learners  J Lee (2002) Basic Skills Agency

A Framework for Understanding Dyslexia (2004) DfES


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‘Use Your Head’, ‘Use Your Memory’, Video on Mind mapping: Get Ahead, Tony Buzan (various dates)



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Dyslexia: How to survive and succeed at Work  Moody (2006) Vermilion

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Dyslexia and Employment ed Moody (2009) Wiley-Blackwell,

Dyslexia in the Workplace  Bartlett & Moody (2010) Wiley-Blackwell,


Dyspraxia, ADHD etc

The Hidden Handicap  G Serfontein (1990) Simon Schuster (Australia)

Solutions for SpLDs: Identification Guide J Proustie (1997)

Practical Solutions Series: J Proustie (2000) Next Generation UK series includes:

Mathematics Solutions: An introduction to Dyscalculia / Literacy Solutions / Planning & Organising Solutions/ Life Skills

Living with Dyspraxia: A guide for adults Mary Colley (2006) Jessica Kingsley

Transition: Employability for Young people with Dyspraxia A Kirby and S Drew, Dyscovery Centre Cardiff


British Dyslexia Association
A national organisation for children and adults with dyslexia. The BDA has a network of local associations and offers resources through its

Dyscovery Centre
A specialist centre, based in the University of Newport, offering assessments, resources and training on Specific Processing & Learning Differences.

Dyspraxia Foundation
The DF is committed to making the teaching and medical professions more aware of dyspraxia. It now has an adult committee.

The Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties. Patoss members provide tuition, assessments and support for children and adults with SpLDs, specialising in education contexts.

Adult Dyslexia Organisation
A national user-led organisation run by adults with dyslexia.

Adult Dyslexia Access
Based in Liverpool, ADA provides screening, assessments, advice and an informative website covering many aspects of dyslexia.

The National Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder Information and Support Service. Services include a network of support groups and a resource centre in London.

National Autistic Society
A national organisation for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions, including Asperger Syndrome. It’s services include the provision of mentors.

Dyslexia Assessment & Consultancy
A London-based organisation with tutors nationwide who can provide services for people with Specific Processing & Learning Differences. It specialises in workplace support and training.

The International Dyslexia Association

Research Articles, Books, and Resources