The general principles of Book 2: Steady… are similar to those embodied in Book 1: Ready… :

  • new material is introduced in small chunks
  • it builds on what has already been learnt
  • activities are multisensory and fun
  • there are lots of opportunities for additional practice

The final few sounds and letters of English that did not feature in Book 1: Ready… are introduced, and the work of exploring the most common spelling patterns continues.

In addition, in Book 2: Steady…, students meet a lot more new vocabulary and functional language. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning through projects based on the topics they are working on. At the end of each unit, the Show Off Time is a chance for them to reveal what they have created, and this is videoed, so that they have a record of their progress, and parents can also see how much they can now do.

Each of these projects supports the development of learning and life skills:

  • self-esteem
  • self-awareness
  • memory
  • time management
  • sequencing
  • fine motor control


New features in Book 2: Steady… include:

  • additional videos for grammar / vocabulary revision
  • reference sheets that students complete for themselves
  • revision lessons to recap on the content of the book after they have finished it, ready to progress to Book 3: Go!